We develop many projects that can be useful for everyone.  All of our projects are easy to use and updated daily.  You can contact us if you have any queries.


A growing community organization, Swivro is home to several amazing projects that are related to Web Hosting, Chat Apps, and more!

Swivro was launched in 2018, originally named as RevetDev. It then got renamed to Revet Tech, but due to some issues it got rebranded to what is currently the name.

Swivro is open to everyone, anywhere on the internet. We are working to create useful projects and provide a good-quality web hosting.


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Comfortable Design

Our design's are comfortable and easy to use. They are made in no rush and we take our time to make our designs amazing.


Our projects are useful to almost anyone. We go from a simple communication system to Website Hosting Services.

Mobile Compatibility

All of our websites are viewable on mobile and were designed to have a mobile interface. You can use our sites on any phone, desktop, laptop, and more.

Fast and Secure

All of our projects that are ran over the internet are stored on safe, and secure servers in fast datacenters.